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Jan Vlček

I am an artist working mainly with light, movement and color. Now I live in Ostrava. In 2022, I completed my studies in the Institute of Film, Television and Radio Art in Opava. During my studies, I started working mostly on glitch art. Glitch art is a movement that deals with error as an aesthetic element. The symbol of this interest was mainly the statues in the old cemeteries in the Sudetenland. I also worked on the "glitching" of old photos.


I devoted my master's studies mainly to light in motion in visual arts. The combination of these elements continues to accompany me in photography, video, graphics and objects.



2022 Optical noise Installation in Kaplička Gallery, Jablonec nad Nisou
2022 Podchod Installation – “Dreamcatcher and Shower”, Ostrava
2022 #pjekná chiba# Exhibition at Galeria Hauerova 4, Opava
2022 Without identity Exhibition of graphics in the Stará Arena, Ostrava
2022 HALF TIME OF DECAY Installation in Dole Gallery (Fiducie Antiques and Club) Ostrava
2021 Filmový festival Opavský páv award for the film Ne:ticho Opava
2020 Átman Photo Gallery Trafačka, Nitra Slovakia
2019 átman.jan Kafíčko, Praha


Group exhibitions
2021 Last Light, Noise, Movement...

Next Generation - International Art Project IV. Cered International Sculpture Sympozion, Cered Hungary
2020 Nádech pro lázně, Tyršovy sady, Jablečné lázně, Jablonec nad Nisou


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